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Wargame Shop is a partnership between two individuals with over eighty years of wargaming experience.

We specialise is designing Board Games and Rule Sets for use by tabletop wargamers. Our aim is to provide fast play games and rules that can be enjoyed in an afternoon.

From time to time we are also auctioning our Private Figure Collections on eBay so Bookmark us for a bargain.

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NEW hardback Dark Age Kingdom Noble Edition.

This expands on the NEW Warband Edition with more rules and now lords and legendary characters. Expand the existing 100 event cards by another 50 event cards.

Take a LOOK now...

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Board Games are designed so that they can either be downloaded, printed and played, but with a little bit of additional effort the game board can be converted to Spectacular 3D.

We have board games from different periods including the Dark Ages, Napoleonic and the American Civil War.

Our aim is to cover in the coming years all the major battles of the American Civil War, so keep coming back and see what we have done, some of the games are even FREE.

Newly arrived is the board game of Battle of the Ring...

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  Battle of the Ring   Middle Earth  

In 1977 Martin Edwardes published in the First Edition of the Wargamer Magazine the board game Battle of the Ring.

Having played the game for 40 years and more, I contacted Martin to get his permission to again revive the game for a new generation of Lord of the Rings fans; he said 'YES'

Download the FREE copy and enjoy...


A set of Free premium rules designed for battles in Middle Earth. They cover individual skirmish combat and formations, allowing for a scalabilty of a few figures to hundreds.

Heroic Middle Earth characters come to life with their special skills and abilities. Why not re-enact your favourite battle from the Middle Earth realm.

Heroes can really be heroes in Middle Earth...

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  Dark Age Kingdoms   War of the Rings  

A published set of 25mm scale Wargames Rules designed for conflicts between the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Celtic Romano Britons, Picts and Welsh kingdoms. Use your Saga miniatures and feel the flavour of this period come alive.

Individual combats with multiple attack actions and responce actions which gives this game an unique combat prospective.

Command your Warband to Victory...


To accompany the Middle Earth rule set we have produced a Free War of the Rings supplement that details all of the major combatents of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Also included are detailed lists of special items, weapons and abilities that relate to the War of the Ring rule set.

Find your Personal Hero of the Third Age of Middle Earth...

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  Rule Sets   Brothers At Arms  

All our Rule Sets have been developed by us for Wargamers.

They include Greek Ancients, American Civil War, Samurai and Fantasy rule sets. All have been thoroughly test played and enjoyed at our local club.

From time to time we do publish rules sets that are in the development stage to get Feedback from other Wargamers. If you enjoy reviewing rule sets then keep us book marked these rules are always FREE.


Brothers At Arms is the established board gaming rules for our American Civil War series of board games.

The rules give a fantastic flavour of the civil war. Unit counters may be forced to flinch back away from fire. But likewise they could stand steadfast against relentless volleys. Sharpshooters and Indomitable units help sway the battle and Exceptional Commanders can perform astonishing feats of bravery with their men. Interested then try our FREE board games.

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  Grand Empires   MIST Terrain  

An all NEW set of board gaming rules for our Napoleonic Grand Empires series of games.

Waterloo is the first in the series of Napoleonic board games to be released. The gaming strategy is truly amazing with counters becoming Disrupted from fire or melee, but having a chance to Rally again in the following phases. Charging, Closing Volleys and Canister Fire its all there.

It really is as close to a board wargame that you can get...

Ideas on how to make terrain tiles that will last you for years.
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