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Battle of the Ring Gameboard
Original game produced in the first edition of the 'Wargamer' magazine 1977

This boardgame is for two or three players; be the Alliance, Sauron or Saruman (Alliance or Evil in the two player game). The Alliance have to get the Ring Bearer to Mount Doom, whilst Sauron has to get the Ring to Barad Dur; Saruman has to obtain it himself or get it to Isengard.

A simple dice roll of two, six sided dice is all that is required for combat; the outcome is dependant on the terrain that is between the playing pieces this will either eliminate your army piece, have no effect or will eliminate your enemies army piece.

Four characters: Gandalf, Aragorn, Saruman and the Nazgul move around the board increasing the strength of army pieces that are next to them.


All the nations are depicted, Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, Rohan, Gondar, Saruman and Sauron. Special hex locations include Moria, Fangorn, Isegard, The Paths of the Dead and Mount Doom.

The turn sequence is quick and a game can easily be played within a couple of hours. The game is well balanced and gives a fair chance to the Alliance of getting the Ring to Mount Doom.

A tactical game that can be played again and again with the same level of enjoyment.

The game board is printed on 6 sheets of A4 paper/card. A full 'A1' game board is avilable below for those with a really BIG printer...


Aragorn Gandalf Nazgul Saruman
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