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Dark Ages Kingdoms Rules Booklet
Anglo-Saxon Miniatures from Footsore Miniatures

Each warrior that is part of a warband starts each bound with a defined number of actions:

1: Tenderfoot Warrior
2: Blood Warrior
3: Seasoned Warrior
4: Veteran Warrior

These actions are physically stored as action cards (a standard pack of playing cards is fine to use). All the actions for all the warriors within the warband are amalgamated and then split: one third special and two thirds normal actions. This is where the Pile Sheet in the rules support helps to separate the cards.

Over the course of the bound, which is split into three separate rounds, any warrior that wishes to perform an action must discard one action card. A normal action card allows a standard move, missile or combat attack; whilst a special card allows extended movement, a charge to contact for instance or a specialised missile or combat attack.

On receiving a successful hit a foe can attempt to react, dependent on the hexside that the hit lands through. A block reaction if its is through a shielded hexside; a parry reaction if it is through a weapon hexside; a dodge reaction if it is through the frontal two or any side hexside. Under certain circumstances some warriors have to forfeit these reactions and respond with a counterattack reaction.


Any reaction therefore requires the expenditure of one action card of any type. There are also charge reactions that allow a charged warrior to react before contact is made, these also expend cards.

Has can be seen action cards will dwindle away very quickly until you don't have any left. At this point if you what a warrior to perform a normal action or reaction a spent action roll is required. Failing this roll will automatically fatigue a warrior.

Throw into this mix a Warband Leader who will have six command actions. These will allow him to execute personal normal, special, or command actions. Command actions are extraordinary feats, like an impact charge to contact or smite attack. The Warband Leader can also use a command action to issue a control action, this gives a warrior that may have already used an action this round another action of normal or special status to execute immediately.

The concept is very SIMPLE, but managing your actions throughout the whole bound sequence is difficult to balance, since you really don't have control over the number of action cards you have to use for any reactions that you have to make.

Now add in that when a warrior is fatally wounded you may lose more action cards than the warrior initially added to your action cards pool or a played Event Card may reduce your cards too.

Dark Age Kingdoms has been designed to be a tactical wargame...

  Counter Tray  

  Counter Tray Full  
Alternatively, instead of using a deck of standard playing cards to represent actions, tokens can be used.

Plastic counters, rune stones, it doesn't matter, one token per action, that's all that counts.

The image on either side shows a token tray empty and full. Spares may be required if addtional tokens are gained through the use of an Event Card.

Normal, Special, Command and Discarded are represented by their own compartments for tokens.

Whichever system you use you will never have enough actions, so strategic planning is definitely required has you play the game.
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