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Dark Ages Kingdoms Rules Booklet
Anglo-Saxon Miniatures from Footsore Miniatures

A set of rules that has been designed around buying miniature figures from a show, using them with a set of existing rules and deciding that we needed to produce our own more flexible and enjoyable rules.

Granted the rules that we eventually ended up with are not as fast, but they are more complex, allowing each warrior to create his own destiny.

Dark Age Kingdoms depicts the struggles and conflicts between the four remaining Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Wessex, Northumberland, Mercia and East Anglia. In to this mix add the raiding Vikings hordes and in the border regions the Celtic Romano Britons, Picts and Welsh.

The rules are intended for skirmish action warfare with a warband sized formation of between 8 and 30 figures per opposing side. The game system uses strategic command, event options, tactical actions and reactions to give a realistic and dramatic feel to this period of history.


Supported with a published book from Amazon Books which contains all the rules. To accompany this there are FREE to download playing aids, see rules support below:.

These include a PDF pack of 100 Event Cards, an A4 Pile Sheet to stack your warband action cards on and a set of 4 Play Sheets to help quick reference the rules. Also included are back designs for your Events cards: Wessex, Mercia, Northunmbria and Vikings.

Build your own warband and assign a leader, the strongest and bravest of warriors. This leader, the Thegn holds his fellow warriors in check and commands their respect. Enrich the warband with personalities and special characters, use traits and special abilities that are only available to your faction.

The rules have a continuance option that allows warriors to progress in skills and experience over a series of encounters.

  Play Sheets Pile Sheet 100 Event Cards Wessex Mercia Northumbria Vikings  
Event Card Wesex Mercia Northumbria Vikings
Saxon Command

Footsore is a range of 28mm miniatures that we have based on 30mm side to side hex bases. This allows the figures to lock together for a shield wall and support each other. Shield and weapon hexsides can be quickly identified, as well as open and rear hexsides; this is due to the colouration given to the hexsides.

The extensive range of miniatures that are available from Footsore allows the warband's within our rules to versify their weapons, armour and shield options greatly.

Other miniature manufactures are available...

LEARN MORE about action cards within the game...

To Help convert any miniatures's that you may already have, including Saga, we have produced a 30mm side to side hexagonal base with a 26mm round depression in it to take a 25mm round base or a miniature based on a two pence coin.

These bases are available from support@wargameshop.co.uk also look for them on eBAY.

A PDF rule set will also be available for download shortly, if you don't want an hard copy in Amazon Book format. Both rule sets contains 60 pages.
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